Tiger Woods, the Designer?

Derek ByrdMaybe Tiger Woods best days are behind him.  Maybe he will move onto something else in life, but what?  Can he stick around the game he loves even if he can’t play at the level he once had?  It looks like Woods has found another way to stick around the golf game.  Tiger Woods is redesigning a golf course in Beijing, China.

While he’ll be spending much of his time practicing, he’ll now have another project on his hands.  This redesign project in Asia will pay Woods a whopping $16.5 million.  The project will be two parts in which there will be a future course that Woods will be required to redesign.  Tiger will be working on Beijing Tian’an Holiday Golf Club which when finished in the end will be rebranded as Pacific Links National Golf Club.  Pacific Links International, a Canada-based company that markets a global reciprocal membership plan to golfers are the ones in charge and who have hired Woods.

This is not the first time Woods has tried his turn at architecture in golf.  In 2006, he announced Tiger Woods Designs.  However, he did not fair well with his first three projects in Dubai, Mexico, and North Carolina all stalling due to the economic recession.  With that said, he has had some previous successes.  In December of 2014, Woods opened his first completed course at Diamante in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico called El Cardonal.  He’s also opening his first course in the United States this fall located outside Houston called Bluejack National.

While golf is not huge in Beijing, it is popular amongst the wealthy.  It will be interesting to see if Woods can balance time between practicing and getting this course together.  He was not previously playing his best, and such a project could hinder his comeback.  For more on this article, check it out here.

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