Kris Bryant: The Next Great Hitter?

Derek Byrd
Kris Bryant of Chicago Cubs

For the longest time, Chicago Cubs fans have wanted Kris Bryant to play on the major league level. As a freshmen in college, Bryant hit .365 with 9 home runs, was a freshmen All-American, was Co-Freshmen of the Year as well as Co-Player of the Year in the West Coast Conference while playing for San Diego. As a sophomore, he was a First Team All-American and was named to the collegiate US National Team after hitting .366 with 14 home runs. His junior season was one to remember. Bryant blasted 31 home runs, an NCAA record. He had more home runs individually than 223 teams within the Division l ranks. He took home the Golden Spikes Award as well as Dick Howser Trophy, both recognizing the best player in college baseball. With all that accomplished, he headed for the MLB Draft.

Bryant, the 2nd overall draft pick in the 2013 Major League Baseball Draft, has absolutely crushed minor league pitching since joining the Cubs farm system. There usually is a learning curve for hitters from college to the minors as the adjust from metal to wood bats but Bryant picked up where he left off. In his first minor league season at Class A level, Bryant hit .336 with 9 home runs and 32 rbi’s in just 128 at-bats. Collectively in the minors over three years, Bryant has hit .327 with 55 home runs and 152 runs batted in.

Bryant started the 2015 season at AAA due in large part because of collective bargaining rules that allow the Cubs to keep Bryant one extra year on a minor league contract instead of paying him major league dollars a year earlier. However, Bryant was called up on April 17th, 2015 and after getting off to a bit of a slow start has picked it up of late. He’s hitting .276 with 3 home runs and 19 runs batted in 87 at-bats. He figures to play third base but can play the outfield as well. He recently just missed hitting for the cycle going 3 for 4 with a single, triple, and home run. Even as a rookie, pitchers do fear Bryant having walked him 20 times already. Bryant sports a .417 on base percentage, which is one of the best in the league. There’s no telling how good of a hitter Bryant can be, but what we do know is that he can certainly hit.

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Resent News from the Sarasota Herald- Tribune

Derek Byrd

News from the Herald Tribune

Earlier this May, the Herald Tribune wrote a piece regarding the false arrest of Cooper Moore, for an outstanding aggravated battery assault from June 2014. Cooper was arrested by local police as soon as he landed on the Grand Cayman islands on a vacation with his current girlfriend. While he was being held up, Cooper asked the police to explain why he was detained, but they did not give an explanation and instead locked him up.

At a loss for justice, Mr. Cooper’s parents contacted the Byrd Law Firm, which in collaboration with a private investigator put together a case that was aimed to clearing Cooper Moore’s name.  According to the documents, Cooper was wrongfully accused for partaking in a fight at a Florida Smokin’ Joes. However, the investigators found that Moore was not involved, and a witness revealed the correct name of the person who was involved. Due to these findings the charges were quickly dropped. 

According to an officer who first responded to the scene, Moore’s name was first brought to him by a bar employee who showed him the suspects Facebook page. Officer Dodge, who was on the scene said that “people lie to us everyday and they don’t want to tell the truth especially if they are associated with someone involved in a crime.”

According to The Innocence Project, misidentification of witnesses in regards to the crime scene is one of the leading reasons of wrongfully convicting and imprisoning people in the United States.  The article also points out that the recollection of witness memory of the crime scene is even less credible after they have been shown countless of photographs of the alleged victim. 

Further evidence of the case used by lawyers at The Byrd Law Firm was Moore’s alibi and the fact that he was never contacted by the Sarasota Police Department. Cooper was never informed of his alleged involvement in the bar fight, and a warrant for his arrest was issued shortly after. Moore was not aware of these developments until policemen picked him up months later while he was vacationing with his girlfriend. 

Derek Byrd, attorney for Cooper Moore, states that the findings regarding his client and other suspects should have been turned over to a detective for the facts to be checked and eventually cleared. Cooper told his attorney that during the night in question, he was home and had records to prove that he never left his apartment. 

With the help of his attorney, Derek Byrd, Moore was able to clear his name  and no longer face 8 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He hopes that the police find the right person responsible for this fight and is willing to help in any way he can. 

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