Florida Lawyers Travel to Cuba

Derek ByrdThe past few months have been loaded with bits and pieces of information regarding travels to Cuba, and the normalization of our relationship with the next door neighbor. As our partnership with the country continues to improve, it is imperative for us to become familiar with Cuban legislature and its laws. It has been over 50 years since the Cuban Embargo was put in place, and establishing appropriate channels to exchanging legal information and policies will be very helpful towards tourism between both countries. 

The Florida Bar Association is sponsoring a group of 37 lawyers to fly to Havana this week and attend a four day seminar. The objective of this trip will be for US attorneys to become familiar with Cuba’s legal system and politics. Given the overwhelming numbers of travels that are planned to happen in the next few years, this council will also look at the economic state of Cuba and bring back these important findings. 

The four day excursion will also focus on the understanding of foreign organizations operating in Cuba, and the legal ramification that will follow their establishment. The attorneys will also become familiar with specific regulations regarding investment opportunities, and business dealings. During this trip the attorneys will also be meeting with their counterparts from the Cuban Bar Association, as well as state officials. These exchanges will place light on a lot of inquiries US companies have about owning land or establishing businesses in Cuba. Topics on telecommunications and banking, as well as the supply of water and electricity are some of the most immediate questions investors would like to know.  On a lighter note, the 37 lawyers will also be able to tour some of the country’s historical establishments, such as the Museum of Cuban Art and have a performance of Cuban music and dance. 

Cuba is taking a cautious response in relation the US inquiries and interests. Given that there are no private practices all commercial opportunities have to pass through government- run entities.  

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Potential Players to be Dealt at the Trade Deadline

Derek Byrd
Potential Players to be Dealt at the Trade Deadline

As the season has progressed to June, it is becoming apparent who is in the playoff picture and who is already thinking about next years. July 31st is a big day in baseball as it is the MLB trade deadline. There probably isn’t another sport with a more active day for transactions than baseball. As teams get to July, it becomes apparent who is buying and who is selling at the deadline. Sellers are those out of the contending picture looking to bring back young prospects to develop for years to come whereas buyers want to add an major league ready arm or bat to help make the push for a division title or wild card berth. Let’s take a look at some names who general managers will be looking to move.

Scott Kazmir – P

Kazmir currently plays for the Oakland Athletics who at 23-36 are 5th in the AL West. Kazmir is in the final year of a deal that pays him $13 million. His left arm and final year of his deal makes him extra attractive because no one is on the hook for him next year. He’s 2-4 with a 3.14 ERA and has struck out 61 batters in 63 innings. He could definitely improve on his 2-4 record if dealt to a better team.

Cole Hamels – P

Hamels was rumored to be on the move during the offseason as the Phillies front office knew they were not going to contend much in 2015. However, they held onto Hamels in hopes that his stock would rise if he pitched well and teams realized how much more they need him. The Phillies are 22-36 and Hamels has been terrific which plays right into general manager Ruben Amaro Jr.’s hand. Hamels is 5-4 with a 2.88 ERA while striking out 84 batters in 81.1 innings.

Carlos Gomez – CF

The Milwaukee Brewers are 20-37, 5th in the NL Central so it’s time to sell. They may have one of the best players to be had at the deadline in 29 year old center fielder Carlos Gomez. Gomez has all the tools to play in the big leagues and has demonstrated it at different times during his career. He’s slated to make $9 million next year which is a good value for what he brings to the table. He can definitely help a team today and won’t be of much help for the Brewers today.

For more on potential players to be dealt at this years deadline, check out this article at BleacherReport.com (http://ift.tt/1HRE396)

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