3 Reasons Why Apple’s Huge Home Run Deal With Major League Baseball Will Be A Success

Instead of the usual paper notes that we sometimes see during the games, coaches and managers will now use a 12.9-inch iPad pre-loaded with a custom software called “MLB Dugout,” thanks to Apple’s multi-year deal with Major League Baseball.

Swing batter, batter

The “MLB Dugout” app will allow managers a chance to see player performance statistics, access videos of previous games, and to get a specific look at pitcher-hitter matchups. According to the Wall Street Journal, the visual of the game will become more clear and relatable to players of today’s time.

Here are three reasons as to why Apple’s deal with MLB  will be a success.

1. Faster statistic rates for increased performance

MLB teams will be able to view performance stats from current games and past seasons to help coaches evaluate the changes needed to improve player performance. This will allow overall productiveness during team practices, and give the players a sense of accountability when working on their technique.

Baseball Performance

2. iPad’s Over Paper

In the age of digital technology, it makes sense that the MLB would team up with Apple to incorporate iPad’s into the locker room. The paper industry has shifted due to this digital change and the game of baseball could only benefit from this change in a positive way moving forward.


3. Visually Appealing

From the players in the dugout to the team plays being practiced in the field, the visual elements of the game of baseball will now be made available for everyone on the team to see in real time allowing the game to become more interactive for not only the players, but for the coaches as well.


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